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Conference Materials

The materials, tools, and presentations that will be used at the conference are located below. Feel free to access and download them to use in your programs.

These materials will be used in the breakouts. Please feel free to print a copy to bring with you to the conference for reference.

Deacons / Scouting Materials

Duty to God Lesson Manual Map (.doc)

Duty to God Merit Badge Map (.xls)

Duty to God Scouting Map (.pdf)

Duty to God Deacon Individual Tracking Spreadsheet (.xls)

Duty to God Deacons Quorum Tracking Spreadsheet (.xls)

Deacons Sample Annual Plan (.doc)

Deacon/ Scout Training Presentation (.ppt)

Scouting and the Aaronic Priesthood (.pdf)

A Scouting Reference for Ward Leaders (.pdf)

Teachers / Varsity Materials

Duty to God Teachers QuorumTracking spreadsheet (.xls)

Duty to God Teacher Individual Tracking spreadsheet (.xls)

Duty to God - Varsity Map (.pdf)

Teacher Sample Annual Plan (.doc)

Teacher / Varsity Training Presentation (.ppt)

Varsity Leaders Guide (.pdf)

Varsity Scout Testimonial (.mpg)

Matt Steiner Testimonial (.mpg)

Parents Testimonial (.mpg)

Stake President Testimonial (.mpg)

Preist / Venturing Materials

Duty to God Priest QuorumTracking spreadsheet (.xls)

Duty to God Priest Individual Tracking spreadsheet (.xls)

Duty to God - Venturing Map (.pdf)

Priest Sample 5 month Plan (.xls)

Priest/ Venturing Training Presentation (.ppt)

LDS Venturing Leaders Guide (.pdf)

Other Conference Materials

Elder Backman- "Give me this Mountain"

Elder Dellenbach - "Duty to God" letter

John Mooney Article

Useful Links - Aaronic Priesthood Page - Resources and information on the Young Men's Program - Duty to God page - Information, talks, guidebooks, and resources on Duty to God Program

DutyToGod.Com - Good resource for ideas

Firebird District Web Page - District news and information


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